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My 7 Links - A Quick Look at the Archives
I was recently (or months ago, but who's counting) nominated by Annie of Wayward Traveler and Dave of What's Dave Doing to take part in the "My 7 Links" project.  The brainchild of the fine folks @ Tripbase, it's a neat way to look back at what is coming close to two years here at Skinny Backpacker.
1. My Most Beautiful Post:  Underworld Live Redux 
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Reptilian Peek-a-boo
A little wink.  I'm sure he would if he could (he can't, no eyelids).
Snapping photos from a distance, keeping as quiet as I can, while he waits for that one move that will have him frightened and running off.  Such is the game we play.
This time, I won.  I got this shot before he jetted off, maybe to check the sunrise.
Shot March 30th, 2010
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