My 7 Links - A Quick Look at the Archives

Summit morning on Mt Kinabalu, Sabah


I was recently (or months ago, but who's counting) nominated by Annie of Wayward Traveler and Dave of What's Dave Doing to take part in the "My 7 Links" project.  The brainchild of the fine folks @ Tripbase, it's a neat way to look back at what is coming close to two years here at Skinny Backpacker.


1. My Most Beautiful Post:  Underworld Live Redux 


Underworld: Live in Dortmund, Germany


I'll be honest, I don't know what my most beautiful post is.  Maybe you can pick for me instead.  These days, I'm listening to a lot of Underworld, and I really like this photo I shot so let's go with that.


2. My Most Popular Post: Unreal Antarctica 


Unreal Antarctica


My first collection of photos from the least inhabited continent on the planet, Unreal Antarctica.  Who knew that pictures of ice, snow, and penguins pooing would be so popular?


3. My Most Controversial Post: Politics on the Streets of Helsinki 


Politics on the Streets of Helsinki


Although I haven't posted most of my more controversial stories (yet...), living in Scandinavia for 6 months exposed me to a view of immigration far different from the one I knew from back in Canada.  Immigration is a hot topic come election time during the past few years, and something that has bred racism by some in an otherwise inviting place. 

4. My Most Helpful Post: Nerdy Travel Tips - Ladyboys


Nerdy Travel Tips: Ladyboys (Chiang Mai, Thailand)


Ever wonder if that chick you're talking to in Thailand is really a dude?  Well thanks to my friend BT, we've got Nerdy Travel Tips - Ladyboys.  Untested by me personally, but if you're a nerd, I'm pretty sure it's failsafe.   :)


5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me: Culture Quirks - Sweden's "Semla" 


Cluture Quirks: Semla (Sweden)


Well in a way, who wouldn't want to look at photos of me eating dessert?  In "Culture Quirks - Sweden's 'Semla'"  I go into the history of this seasonal treat, try a few, and give a play by play on the process of putting one into your (actually my) face hole.  And you're welcome.


6. A Post I Feel Didn't Get the Attention It Deserved: My Date with an AK-47 


My Date with an AK-47 (Cambodia)


Picking up an gun in Cambodia in a open air war museum was much more than a 30 second experience.  Why do we make guns?  Why are they so easy to use?  Why do I even know how they work?  I still think about the experience, and the worldwide implications of guns and war, all the time.  Read My Date With An AK-47.


7. The Post I'm Most Proud Of:  Define: Travel - 6 Months and Counting 


Define: Travel - 6 Months and Counting


Sick, alone in my room, my belongings scattered on the bed and floor.  I wrote Define: Travel - 6 Months and Counting at what could be a low time in travel.


And finally, I'm nominating the following travel bloggers to share their "My 7 Links"

Dan Nahabedian from Canvas of Light, a fantastic photographer based out of Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Marc Passion from Marc Passion Travel, worldwide jet setter extraordinaire.

Shawna & Chais Meyer from Full Course Travel, digital nomads currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


What are your favorite posts of mine?  Oh really?  Don't all speak up at once!