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My 7 Links - A Quick Look at the Archives
I was recently (or months ago, but who's counting) nominated by Annie of Wayward Traveler and Dave of What's Dave Doing to take part in the "My 7 Links" project.  The brainchild of the fine folks @ Tripbase, it's a neat way to look back at what is coming close to two years here at Skinny Backpacker.
1. My Most Beautiful Post:  Underworld Live Redux 
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Culture Quirks: Sweden's "Semla"
It certainly isn't news to anyone who knows me that I like dessert.  Candy, pastries, chocolate, ice cream... you name it.  And really, why not?  Seriously, if you can tell me why not, leave it in the comments.  I'll wait for your response and occupy myself while I am eating more ice cream.
So it was of no surprise that a Swedish pastry called Semla came across my radar.  These days, it's a Read More