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No Matter What, A Man's Gotta Eat


There are a lot of ways to pay the bills in this world.  Some just choose more dramatic ways than others.

Take this man for instance.  He's set up shop working the street in the center of Siem Reap is his own way, and he's about to put on a show.

He pulls his trailer down the street, and double-parks his trailer in front of a motorcycle and a minivan with his torturous tools of the trade an arms-length away.  The trailer has the worst sounding horn loudspeaker you've ever let pierce your eardrums, and a

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Unexpected, Overwhelming Hinduism - Myanmar
*A warning to my more squeamish visitors, this story includes graphic images*

The drums: pounding.  The crowd: dense.  The colors: vibrant.   

In a word,


It was after 5:00pm, and I had spent the day on nearby Bilugyun (Ogre) Island in the heat of Myanmar (Burma) summer. I was exhausted.  So exhausted in fact, that when I caught a glimpse of a line of 150-odd monks walking toward us on the other side of the road my first instinct was to just move on.

Then, something I'd never seen before.
A row of people walking on the other side of the road.  Brightly colored garland draped over-top of an apparatus some were Read More
What's Been Going On - January 2013 - Asia
So you may be wondering why it has been so quiet around here.  The short answer... is Burma (Myanmar).
Back in October I headed back to Burma for another 5 week stint, hiking lush valleys, visiting hilltribes, biking around to monasteries, and talking to the people about their country and democracy.  As all of my trips to the country have been, it was quite eye opening, and left me yearning for more and more.


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Street Monk - Chiang Mai
Not saying it's because of a hard-knock life, but this monk stood out.
It was his Sak Yant tattoo and his deep red robe.  A walk showing an unusual uniqueness in a sea of monks, swinging the fabric as he moved.  He walked alone, when there were thousands of others around.
I shot this at an event in Chiang Mai where 12600 monks gathered to accept alms for the flood victims in southern Thailand.
Shot November 27, 2011
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Lunar Eclipse - Chiang Mai
The last lunar eclipse of 2011 happened this evening.  For the uninitiated, this event happens when the earth casts its shadow from the sun onto the moon, and it happens roughly 2 times a year on average.  If you see it, and whether or not it's full or partial depends on where you are on our lovely planet Earth.
Even though the clouds conspired to obstruct my view for much of the evening, we were able to sneak a peek here and there.  This shot, taken as the eclipse crawled towards totality, was about as clear as a shot that I could get.
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