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My Camera was Home to an Ant Farm

I pick up my camera and feel a little something on my hand. Strange. I look down, and in the dim light, I see a couple of black specks. So I head to the bathroom, flip on the light, put my camera over the white porcelain sink and brush the side of it with my left hand. A couple dozen black specks appear against the whiteness below, and they're moving.

Unsure of exactly what I'm seeing, I have a look at the open charging port on the camera, and tiny ants are flowing out. My camera has turned into an ant farm.

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What's Been Going On - January 2013 - Asia
So you may be wondering why it has been so quiet around here.  The short answer... is Burma (Myanmar).
Back in October I headed back to Burma for another 5 week stint, hiking lush valleys, visiting hilltribes, biking around to monasteries, and talking to the people about their country and democracy.  As all of my trips to the country have been, it was quite eye opening, and left me yearning for more and more.


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Update on What’s Been Going On October 2012 – Asia -> North America -> Europe -> Asia
Autumn is upon us, well for some at least.  Me, not so much.  It's the tail end of the monsoon in ​Thailand and I'm holed away in my makeshift office watching it pour down from behind a desk overlooking the Democracy Monument in Bangkok.
My first trip to Burma / Myanmar earlier this year has left a lasting impression on me, and I'm already heading back.  In fact, it was just yesterday that I picked up my fresh new visa from the embassy here in...
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Street Monk - Chiang Mai
Not saying it's because of a hard-knock life, but this monk stood out.
It was his Sak Yant tattoo and his deep red robe.  A walk showing an unusual uniqueness in a sea of monks, swinging the fabric as he moved.  He walked alone, when there were thousands of others around.
I shot this at an event in Chiang Mai where 12600 monks gathered to accept alms for the flood victims in southern Thailand.
Shot November 27, 2011
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