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Unexpected, Overwhelming Hinduism - Myanmar
*A warning to my more squeamish visitors, this story includes graphic images*

The drums: pounding.  The crowd: dense.  The colors: vibrant.   

In a word,


It was after 5:00pm, and I had spent the day on nearby Bilugyun (Ogre) Island in the heat of Myanmar (Burma) summer. I was exhausted.  So exhausted in fact, that when I caught a glimpse of a line of 150-odd monks walking toward us on the other side of the road my first instinct was to just move on.

Then, something I'd never seen before.
A row of people walking on the other side of the road.  Brightly colored garland draped over-top of an apparatus some were Read More
Reptilian Peek-a-boo
A little wink.  I'm sure he would if he could (he can't, no eyelids).
Snapping photos from a distance, keeping as quiet as I can, while he waits for that one move that will have him frightened and running off.  Such is the game we play.
This time, I won.  I got this shot before he jetted off, maybe to check the sunrise.
Shot March 30th, 2010
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Golden Beach
Shot on New Zealand's Bay of Plenty, this photo brings out all of what I was feeling on that warm summer eve.  Warm rays of sun glaring over the mountains in the distance.  Long shadows letting me know that with time, how much things change.  The cool ocean waves, and the endless beach.  When I was there, I was only there.
Shot on Feb 2nd, 201
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A Night of MMA Action
I recently covered The ZoneFC 8: Inferno for UK mixed-martial arts site  Although I wasn't planning on shooting, I did snap a few of the action with a 35mm lens I had on my camera that evening.  It was an exciting night of action in Gothenburg, Sweden.  After the jump, you will find a selection from the action, and you can also read my event report over at
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Travel Photography Roulette Round 2: Road Signs
As the winner of the first ever Travel Photography Roulette, I was planning to announce that there would be no other Travel Photography Roulette competitions so I can retire as the one and only champion!  Alas, the torch must be passed and the show must go on!
While the first competition was "Animals," this week we're going with one of my favorite travel finds: Road Signs!  Nothing says too funny like a "Penguins X-ing" sign, especially when they mean it.  I know you've all been holding back your quirky signs so people don't think your travel blog is too low brow, but now is your time to shine!  I'll be choosing my favorite road sign of all the submissions received for one week, with the contest ending on November 24th.
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