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Presenting "This Myanmar Life"

Nearly five years ago, I took my first trip to Myanmar (Burma).  Before I stepped across that border that very first time, there would have been no way for me to know that I would be traveling back more than a dozen times through the beginning of 2016, and spending more than a year in the country documenting the changes in Myanmar through the stories of the citizens.

Today marks the opening of my debut photography exhibition which melds stories with images called "This Myanmar Life" in Saskatoon, Sk Canada.  It's a unique project that flows into the online world with additional stories to follow, as well as more information about the project.  

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Abstract Backgrounds to Spice Up Your Devices

While I'm most known for my travel, landscape, and cultural photography, one of my real passions is creating more abstract images with my camera.  I'm looking to create moods, often by "smearing" or "melting" colors.  I've been attracted by the more abstract in art and imagery for quite some time, and most of the paintings and artwork I've collected around the world for myself fit the same sort of mold.

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No Matter What, A Man's Gotta Eat


There are a lot of ways to pay the bills in this world.  Some just choose more dramatic ways than others.

Take this man for instance.  He's set up shop working the street in the center of Siem Reap is his own way, and he's about to put on a show.

He pulls his trailer down the street, and double-parks his trailer in front of a motorcycle and a minivan with his torturous tools of the trade an arms-length away.  The trailer has the worst sounding horn loudspeaker you've ever let pierce your eardrums, and a

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Hands in the Air - Berlin

Packed like sardines in a sold out club that has mediocre sound.  It's hot... like sauna hot.  The rain?  It's coming from inside this low ceiling-ed building and is provided by the perspiration of the crowd.  I'd dance like there was no one watching, but there's no room to move anyways.  We all just sort of shuffle in place.  

But the music is good, and that's about all you can ask for.

The location is BerlinGermany.  The music is by UK producer/DJ "Bonobo" and his live band.  The live band is a bit of a...

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Wrinkles of the City: Rethought - Berlin

While most so-called "street art" is barely a hair more special than comic-sans is to the font world, on occasion you do stumble upon something special.  

World-renowned French street artist "JR" recently put his artistic stamp on the walls of Berlin with his project "Wrinkles of the City."  

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Instagramming Through New Zealand

​I wrapped up my two month "Travel With a Local" trip in mid March, and I thought I'd start with a few of my Instagram "snapshots" from the trip.

I carry around more than my fair share of camera gear, but sometimes a quick shot with my mobile phone is just what the doctor ordered.

You can follow my travel snapshots on Instagram, and my more artistic work on EyeEm.​..

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Anatomy of a Burmese Tea Shop - Myanmar

As England is to pubs, Myanmar (Burma) is to tea shops.  You'll find them everywhere, sometimes lined up one after another, with their little plastic stools and small tables spilling out onto the sidewalks and into the streets.

Let me introduce you to one of my favorites, Shwe Ya Minn tea shop.  Located on the market block of the small "hill station" town of Kalaw (Shan State), it might be tough to spot without a readily visible English sign.  Instead, you'll have to look for the crowds.

Although open all day, often from 6am until 10pm, the busiest times are early in the morning for... 

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