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How To Enjoy Jetboating in New Zealand

Jetboating.  Just another one of those crazy Kiwi ideas.  And like all of the best, it works, and it's a pile of fun.

I'm a big fan of "learning by doing," so I hopped aboard a pair of jetboats during my "Travel With a Local" trip in New Zealand with my partners in crime Dave and Lauren.  Remember, I did it for you.

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Instagramming Through New Zealand

​I wrapped up my two month "Travel With a Local" trip in mid March, and I thought I'd start with a few of my Instagram "snapshots" from the trip.

I carry around more than my fair share of camera gear, but sometimes a quick shot with my mobile phone is just what the doctor ordered.

You can follow my travel snapshots on Instagram, and my more artistic work on EyeEm.​..

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Introducing My Newest Project - Travel With a Local: New Zealand
Climbing volcanoes, jumping off of stuff attached attached only by a cord, spotting dolphins, caving, abseiling, eating cheese... for the next two months.
Yep, that's the plan.
I'm happy to announce that my newest project has just hit the ground running.  And by that, I mean I have just arrived in New Zealand for "Travel With a Local."
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