Abstract Backgrounds to Spice Up Your Devices


You may have seen a bit of my work from other posts on my site, websites, and magazines.  Usually it's about a story I'm trying to tell about something on the fringes of the globe.

While I'm most known for my travel, landscape, and cultural photography, one of my real passions is creating more abstract images with my camera.  I'm looking to create moods, often by "smearing" or "melting" colors.  I've been attracted by the more abstract in art and imagery for quite some time, and most of the paintings and artwork I've collected around the world for myself fit the same sort of mold.

Though these images don't usually help me tell a story, they often make for great, unobtrusive backgrounds.  Please feel free to download them and try them out on your device.  Typically, you can just save them on your device, and then choose them as a background from there.

Some are brighter, some are darker.  Some are colorful, while others are a soft black & white.  I hope you find one that works for you.



As with all of my images, these may not be reposted or resold without my permission.

Download Backgrounds

Here are some of my devices.