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I Went Climbing Without Pants for Do It in a Dress

I'll be honest.  Wearing a dress out in public is getting to be a pretty natural thing for me nowadays.

To be fair, I'm usually heading out to do something awesome in it.  

In August 2012, my father, brother and I hiked for 5 days and over 70km along the Berg Lake Trail in the Canadian Rockies, and we did it while wearing school girl dresses.  Why?  We did it as part of Do It in a Dress, an initiative by the Australian-based organization One Girl, who's programs help support scholarships for young girls and women entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone.  In every way possible, it was a huge success.

This year we multiplied and became the "Climbers Without Pants."

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Northern Lights - Saskatoon
It has been a while since I've been able to see the Northern Lights.  Years in fact.  Far too long.
My travels have been partly to blame, taking me too far south to view them.  Also the sunspot cycle has made them essentially non-existent for a number of years.  The final culprit has been light pollution.  
Light pollution is the excess light that finds its way...
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A Zombie Takeover
Blood.  Brains.  Outstretched arms.  Vacant stares.
It seems no one was immune.  Firefighters, newlyweds, panhandlers, interstellar supersoldiers, even a guy who was obviously bitten while on the toilet.  The latter was found walking the streets with his pants down to his ankles & holding a copy of Men's Health magazine, all while slowly shuffling up the Broadway Bridge from the Vimy Memorial in downtown Saskatoon
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