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Kalaw Super Travel Guide

The old British hill station village of Kalaw is easily one of my favorite places in Myanmar.  While seen as most as just the place to start the very popular Kalaw-to-Inle trek, it's so much more than that.

The cool mountain air, mixed with the beautiful pine forests and a relatively mellow vibe make for a great stop on your Myanmar adventure.  The biggest mistake people make in coming here is that most only stay for a single night.

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Anatomy of a Burmese Tea Shop - Myanmar

As England is to pubs, Myanmar (Burma) is to tea shops.  You'll find them everywhere, sometimes lined up one after another, with their little plastic stools and small tables spilling out onto the sidewalks and into the streets.

Let me introduce you to one of my favorites, Shwe Ya Minn tea shop.  Located on the market block of the small "hill station" town of Kalaw (Shan State), it might be tough to spot without a readily visible English sign.  Instead, you'll have to look for the crowds.

Although open all day, often from 6am until 10pm, the busiest times are early in the morning for... 

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