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No Matter What, A Man's Gotta Eat


There are a lot of ways to pay the bills in this world.  Some just choose more dramatic ways than others.

Take this man for instance.  He's set up shop working the street in the center of Siem Reap is his own way, and he's about to put on a show.

He pulls his trailer down the street, and double-parks his trailer in front of a motorcycle and a minivan with his torturous tools of the trade an arms-length away.  The trailer has the worst sounding horn loudspeaker you've ever let pierce your eardrums, and a

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Photo of the Day - Tonle Sap From Above
Every year the Mekong River backs up and increases the size of Tonle Sap, the largest lake in Southeast Asia, from 2700 to 16000 square km.  A prime breeding ground for fish, Tonle Sap is responsible for 75% of Cambodia's inland fish catch, and 60% of it's protein intake.  Unfortunately, pollution (you can see in green), and planned dams along the Mekong threaten the lake, and the people who depend on it.
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