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Hands in the Air - Berlin

Packed like sardines in a sold out club that has mediocre sound.  It's hot... like sauna hot.  The rain?  It's coming from inside this low ceiling-ed building and is provided by the perspiration of the crowd.  I'd dance like there was no one watching, but there's no room to move anyways.  We all just sort of shuffle in place.  

But the music is good, and that's about all you can ask for.

The location is BerlinGermany.  The music is by UK producer/DJ "Bonobo" and his live band.  The live band is a bit of a...

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Wrinkles of the City: Rethought - Berlin

While most so-called "street art" is barely a hair more special than comic-sans is to the font world, on occasion you do stumble upon something special.  

World-renowned French street artist "JR" recently put his artistic stamp on the walls of Berlin with his project "Wrinkles of the City."  

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