Lunar Eclipse - Chiang Mai


The last lunar eclipse of 2011 happened this evening.  For the uninitiated, this event happens when the earth casts its shadow from the sun onto the moon, and it happens roughly 2 times a year on average.  If you see it, and whether or not it's full or partial depends on where you are on our lovely planet Earth.

Even though the clouds conspired to obstruct my view for much of the evening, we were able to sneak a peek here and there.  This shot, taken as the eclipse crawled towards totality, was about as clear as a shot that I could get.

I wanted to be an astronaut.  I mean, as a kid, who didn't?  A bit of a space nerd, I used to launch rockets and point out stars and constellations to anyone within earshot.  I've seen more than a few lunar eclipses myself, so it was a little strange to hear that it was the first one for so many people I was with tonight.  Oddly enough, most of my memories of lunar eclipses involve 4am alarms in the dead of Saskatchewan winters.  Needless to say, it was a little milder in Chiang Mai this evening.

Shot Dec 10th, 2011