Travel Photography Roulette Round 2: Road Signs


Winner of Round 2: Road Signs is Dee from Dream a Little Dream


"Sadly, we found no humped zebra crossing our path. Must of been it's day off." (Shot in Liverpool, England)


For successfully mating 'humped' and 'zebra' into a road sign, Dee took advantage of my soft spot for oddly humorous and perverse road signs.  For winning this round of Travel Blogger Roulette, look for Dee to be hosting the next game soon at Dream a Little Dream.  Dee will announce a new keyword and be the judge for the third round.

Thanks to everyone who entered and commented.  For those that didn't have any pictures of road signs, I challenge you to keep your eye out.  Until next time!!




As the winner of the first ever Travel Photography Roulette, I was planning to announce that there would be no other Travel Photography Roulette competitions so I can retire as the one and only champion!  Alas, the torch must be passed and the show must go on!

While the first competition was "Animals," this week we're going with one of my favorite travel finds: Road Signs!  Nothing says too funny like a "Penguins X-ing" sign, especially when they mean it.  I know you've all been holding back your quirky signs so people don't think your travel blog is too low brow, but now is your time to shine!  I'll be choosing my favorite road sign of all the submissions received for one week, with the contest ending on November 24th.


How to play:
The rules of the game are simple.  The hosting blogger is the chosen winner of the previous week’s (7 days) game.  The new host chooses a generic keyword or phrase that other bloggers submit photos to during the course of the week.  Phrases can be as generic as 'people' all the way to abstract thoughts like 'religion' and everything in between.  

At the end of the week, the hosting blogger chooses their favorite photo that fits the chosen phrase and moves it to the top of the post as the winning entry with direction to the new host's site for the next round. Readers can attempt to sway the author into picking a certain photo via comments but the author can ignore comments as they see fit. The game is repeated with the winner hosting the following week's game and choosing a phrase for new photo submissions.

The following is a list of the previously played rounds of the game and the hosting blogger for each.  This list also doubles as a winner’s table as each topic host won the preceding round!  Click the host’s link to go directly to that entry to see some stunning photographs from the chosen term/phrase!  


Round Date                            Host                            Term/Phrase

  1. Nov 4–10, 2010 Living the Dream  “Animals”
  2. Nov 17–24, 2010  Skinny Backpacker “Road Signs”
  3. Nov 29–Dec 6, 2010  Dream a Little Dream  “Street Art”
  4. Dec 8–Dec 15, 2010  Flashpacker HQ  “Festival”
  5. Dec 17–Dec 24, 2010  Over Yonderlust “Landmarks”
  6. Dec 26–Jan 2, 2011  Don’t Ever Look Back  “Beaches”
  7. Jan 5–Jan 12, 2011  ThePlanetD  “Portraits”
  8. Jan 15–Jan 22, 2011  Travel with a Mate   “Motion”
  9. Jan 26–Feb 3, 2011  Johnny Vagabond  “Water”
  10. Feb 8–Feb 15, 2011  Ken Kaminesky “Urban”
  11. Feb 21–Feb 27, 2011  Travels of Adam  “Friday Night"
  12. Mar 7-Mar14, 2011 Itchy Feet Chronicles "The Journey"


For Round 2, I have chosen the term: "Road Signs", and my photo submission is below.  I will also accept other great signs like "Don't Touch, Humerous Electricuted Will Result" or "Steep Cliff, You Fall, You Die" type signs as well.  Those interested in playing please provide a hyperlink to a photo you'd like to submit and it will get hosted on this page.  When submitting an image, please provide a brief description and location of where it was taken for captioning.   On Nov 24th, I will pick a winner and that blogger can start the next round.  


"Elderly Crossing" near Kapiti, New Zealand

So, who is ready to show off their photography skills?  The best Road Sign wins the week and bragging rights.


Extra Criteria to Keep in Mind When Submitting a Photo:

1) One submission per Blog (so sites that have 2+ authors only get one entry).
2) No photoshopping allowed unless specifically called for!  Cropping and correction for red-eye or camera flaws are ok, however.
3) Abstract submissions welcomed as long as it fits within the interpretation of the chosen phrase.  Remember, the hosting blogger chooses the winner, so if they cannot understand the submission, you might not win!
4) Keep phrases general so that all bloggers can participate.  Specific items like "Eiffel Tower" should be avoided but rather made open-ended like "monuments." For variety, it is ok to say focused things such as "monuments at night" in which most of us have pictures of.
6) Abstract thoughts are appreciated, but keep it within the realm that all readers will understand.  No "Kafka-esque", but "Overlooking Creation" is able to be interpreted by all.
7) No obscene pictures or phrases allowed.  Suggestive phrases and photography can be accepted, but please keep it within reason.
8) After a sufficient period of time, phrases can be reused, however new photos must be submitted.  Keep the ideas and photos fresh!
9) Pictures from your entire portfolio are fair to submit.  You do not have to take the photo within the week of the contest period to submit it.
10) Most importantly, ALL PHOTOS MUST BE YOUR OWN.

Entries for the 2nd round are the following:


Jeremy From Living The Dream

"Hanging out at Maho Beach in Saint Marten is hilarious, as landing and taking off jumbo jets come in very closely overhead. This warning is quite true, but should add that those on the beach directly behind the runway should tie their bags down as they are prone to blow into the ocean during a large take off."
(The text is a little small, so here it is: "Jet blast of departing and arriving aircraft can cause severe physical harm resulting in extreme bodily harm and/or death")



Jessica from Misc Jessica

"Not technically a funny sign but take into account my husband is deathly afraid of heights, so the look of terror on his face isn't as forced as you might think.  Taken at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland."



Rebecca from Travels at 88mph

"Crosswalk sign near a school in Sydney, Australia."



 Ayngelina from Bacon is Magic

"This was taken in Belize City, a place I shudder to remember. It was so dodgy that my hotel told me I had 45 minutes left of daylight to go get dinner and return inside for the night. I stopped at a street stall and this sign was across the street - somehow it didn't surprise me"



Lindsay from The Traveller World Travel Guide

"Mekong river... park your boat for 15 minutes only?? or you will get a parking ticket from the Mekong POLICE!??? Highly unlikely... but who knows!"



Travis from FlashpackerHQ

"A voter chose to voice his opinion on a local road sign. Can you guess which way they were leaning? (taken during the 2004 U.S. Elections)"



Please share this post each week to drive up views and increase submissions of these wonderful pictures to make the contest more interesting!  Good luck!