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Travel Photo Roulette Round #45: “Surreal”
We have a winner!
It was a great round!  Check out my choice for best surreal photo, and my top 5 here.

A few exhaustive travel days, and the past 3 mornings up before 5 to shoot photos meant I was in a dream state already. Early this morning, 12600 monks descended on Chiang Mai to collect alms for the flood victims in the south. An entire street was blocked off as waves of orange robes came down from one end to the other. This dreamy shot taken with a lensbaby summed up how the morning felt. Surreal. It wasn't until days later that I was able to look back at the enormity of the situation and process it for myself.
It's been a long time coming, but I hereby present you with a new round of Travel Photo Roulette once again.  I actually won the first ever round of Travel Photo Roulette, launched by Jeremy over at Living the Dream almost 2 years ago with a photo of a camel's ugly mug.  More recently, Travis from Flashpacker HQ choose my dreamy photo of monks in the street in Chiang Mai for the last contest "Once In a Lifetime"  
If you don’t know what Travel Photo Roulette is, here’s the idea:
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Travel Photography Roulette Round 2: Road Signs
As the winner of the first ever Travel Photography Roulette, I was planning to announce that there would be no other Travel Photography Roulette competitions so I can retire as the one and only champion!  Alas, the torch must be passed and the show must go on!
While the first competition was "Animals," this week we're going with one of my favorite travel finds: Road Signs!  Nothing says too funny like a "Penguins X-ing" sign, especially when they mean it.  I know you've all been holding back your quirky signs so people don't think your travel blog is too low brow, but now is your time to shine!  I'll be choosing my favorite road sign of all the submissions received for one week, with the contest ending on November 24th.
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