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Hot Air Ballooning Over Inle Lake: Better than Bagan?

Hot air ballooning over Inle Lake isn't the first to come to mind when thinking of flying experience in Myanmar.  When most think of hot air ballooning in Myanmar, pictures of colorful balloons rising up over the temples of Bagan come to mind.  As it should... people (and pilots) come from all over the world to experience that glowing sunrise view from above the temples with nearly 1000 years of history to them.  But there is a open secret that all of the hot air balloon pilots in Bagan talk about, and that's the hot air balloon flight over Inle Lake.

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Kalaw Super Travel Guide

The old British hill station village of Kalaw is easily one of my favorite places in Myanmar.  While seen as most as just the place to start the very popular Kalaw-to-Inle trek, it's so much more than that.

The cool mountain air, mixed with the beautiful pine forests and a relatively mellow vibe make for a great stop on your Myanmar adventure.  The biggest mistake people make in coming here is that most only stay for a single night.

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Announcing My "Un-Tour to Myanmar" for Fall 2016

For years, I've been photographing all around the world.  But in all that time, there hasn't been a place that has grabbed me in the way that Myanmar (Burma) has.

After years of research and experience on the ground in Myanmar, it's finally time.  I've spent months planning and preparing with my team to create a trip you won't soon forget, and I'm very excited to invite you to join us.

This is an extraordinary time to visit Myanmar.  So if you've ever thought about a journey to Myanmar... I'm telling you that now is the time. 

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Hot Air Ballooning in Bagan: Balloons Over Bagan vs Oriental Ballooning

Updated October 2017

Seeing hot-air balloons flying over Bagan is one of the iconic images of Myanmar / Burma.  The massive scale of the over 3000 temples on the Bagan plain mean that you can only truly witness the scale of it all from the air, and a slowly floating over is the best way of doing it.

For years, there has been only one company providing the experience.  Balloons Over Bagan and their red balloons can be seen in any number of a photo, including a bunch in my house.  However, in 2013, Oriental Ballooning began flying their balloons as well, bringing some much needed competition to the space.  I've flown with both, and I'll give you my take on them.

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Your Lonely Planet: Myanmar is Lying to You

Updated Feb 2014

I'll start by saying that I'm not a huge fan of guidebooks.  In the age of the internet and nearly limitless access to information, the printed word is often out of date by the time it's still hot off the presses.  For example, the latest Myanmar Lonely Planet (11th ed.) was published in Dec 2011, with much of the research likely done 3-12+ months prior. As of May 2013, the information could be 2+ years out of date.

That said, I've had my Lonely Planet for Myanmar since my first big trip to the country in early 2012, and...

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How to Deal with Currency in Myanmar (Burma)

UPDATED October 2017

One of the most common questions I get has to do with how to deal with money as a traveler in Myanmar (Burma).

While in the country, you'll use a mix of US dollars and Myanmar kyat.  Most hotels, domestic airfares train tickets, and entrance fees will be in USD, while everything else (food, souvenirs, uses etc) will be paid in kyat.

Until very recently (Nov 2012) there were no ATM's in Myanmar due to the economic sanctions...

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