Announcing My "Un-Tour to Myanmar" for Fall 2016


For years, I've been photographing all around the world.  But in all that time, there hasn't been a place that has grabbed me in the way that Myanmar (Burma) has.

If you've ever run into me personally, you'll have heard me gush about how amazing this country is, how warm and welcoming the people are, and how my experiences there have truly touched my life.  If you've been following my journey online, you'll have seen pictures from a magical land, and read moving stories as I work to bring you along for the ride.  These stories and images I've been compiling as part of my project "This Myanmar Life."

For years, people have been asking me to lead a small tour to Myanmar.  Those whom I have brought along on my journeys have described it as "a trip of a lifetime," while meeting "the most beautiful people."



Explore thousand-year-old temples in Myanmar.  BYOBP (Bring Your Own Backpack)
© Dustin Main 2014


And after years of research and experience on the ground in Myanmar, it's finally time.  I've spent months planning and preparing with my team to create a trip you won't soon forget, and I'm very excited to invite you to join us.

This is an extraordinary time to visit Myanmar.  After decades of being closed off from much of the western world, a historic election in late 2015 has brought Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Su Kyi into power after more than 25 years of fighting for her people.  Hope is in the air, and the political changes of the past few years will be altering the country and its culture in the years to come.

So if you've ever thought about a journey to Myanmar... I'm telling you that now is the time


Un-Tour to Myanmar

Oct-Nov 2016

Length: 13 days, 12 nights
Dates: October 30th - November 11th 2016
Max Group Size: 8 (SOLD OUT)


Time to tell your boss you'll be away in October & November...

Click here for more information about the Un-Tour to Myanmar and itinerary.


Sunrise shared on a trial trip for this Un-Tour to Myanmar.
© Dustin Main 2014