My Top Five Instagrams of 2014


I spent a bit of time sharing snapshots and other images from my catalog on Instagram in 2014.  More than 20 countries were featured out of hundreds of images I've shot from around the world.  So as 2014 winds down, I thought it would be a good idea to look back and see what the cream of the crop (at least decided by my followers!) was like.

My top 5 images on my Instagram for 2014


#5 Bagan's Hazy Htilominlo Temple From High Above

800 year old Htilominlo Temple in Bagan rises high above the early morning smoke and fog in Myanmar's Bagan plain.
© Dustin Main 2014


I've spent weeks looking for adventures around the plains of Bagan, and one thing I can tell you for certain is that you should be up for each and every sunrise.  It's the most magical time in Bagan (and all of Myanmar / Burma to be honest).

This photo of ~800 year old Htilominlo Temple (one of the biggest) was shot from a hot air balloon.  You can read more about taking an early morning flight in Bagan in my article "Hot Air Ballooning in Bagan: Balloons Over Bagan vs Oriental Ballooning"

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#4 Hazy Sunrise in Myanmar's Plains of Bagan

A golden haze casts its light over temples and trees in Bagan, Myanmar / Burma.
© Dustin Main 2014


Hazy golden light envelopes the otherworldly Bagan plain.  A combination of fog, smoke from the early morning fires, and dust in the air creates a landscape that must be seen to be believed.

Originally shared on Instagram here.


#3 Golden Sunrise With My Mom

A incredible sunrise shared with my Mom during her 60th birthday adventure in Burma in early 2014.
© Dustin Main 2014


Myanmar / Burma is often referred to as "The Golden Land."  This could refer to any number of things, from the color of stupas, the large value placed on gold, or the amazing sunrises and sunsets painted with yellows and oranges.

This image, one of my favorites, is from a trip I took my Mom on for her 60th birthday.  She knows how much I enjoy being in Myanmar and so she decided that would be where she would like to go.  Trip of a lifetime.

Originally shared on Instagram here.


#2 Massive Yi Peng Lantern Release

The launching of thousands of lanterns near Chiang Mai, Thailand for Yi Peng..
© Dustin Main 2011


I've mentioned in the past that I live for the WOW moments in life; Those moments that just completely blow you away.

This was one of those times.

Thousands of glowing lanterns floating into the sky all around. 

Yi Peng is a yearly Lanna festival, and is most prominent around the northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai that I now call home for a few months a year since first visiting in 2010.

Originally shared on Instagram here.


#1 Blackwater Reflections in Antarctica

Black water, blue ice, and white snow in Antarctica.
© Dustin Main 2014


Antarctica is a lot of what you would expect.  Cold, quiet, and missing the stamp that humans have put on most of the world.  Oh and penguins.

But it's so much more.

The reflections, the deep blue color of the ice, the windswept waves of snow.  The rugged mountain peaks.  These are the memories that stick out in my mind.

Antarctica.  Simply stunning.

You can see more of my work from Antarctica in my post "Unreal Antarctica."

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