New Zealand - Different Directions


Well I'm 3 weeks into my travel, and the updates here have been sparse to say the least.  This isn't the plan for the website at all, and I hope to have more regular updates sooner rather than later.  One thing is certain, and that is that when you have little in terms of set plans, it's not only normal but expected for the totally unexpected to happen.

After getting my bearings, and picking up my car, I also picked up a travel partner until mid Jan 2010.  While I had planned on staying in hostels and CouchSurfing much of my time here in New Zealand, I'm now camping mostly.  As it turns out, camping and website updates don't necessarily go hand in hand.  I'll look into picking up an mobile internet stick this afternoon that can at least give me better access to the internet and updates here, which is currently problematic to say the least.

I'm currently in Invercargill, at the southern end of the South Island here in NZ.  The last week and a half has been spent heading down the eastern coast of the island, braving the ever changing elements.  Pics to follow once I have a chance to go through them and catch up.  A plan has been set in place over Xmas, and that is the 4 day Kepler Track, one of New Zealand's "Great Walks" in Fiordland National Park.  I'll be starting on the 24th coming back to civilization on the 27th.  With a trip so open day-to-day, it feels good to have something solid set out.

I've been thinking a lot about the future destinations, and it looks like India may be back on the map.  Though I wasn't able to secure a visa in Canada in time before I left, I'll make an attempt in Wellington next month and see if I have any luck.  Also on the advice of my first Couchsurfing hosts, I may attempt a short trip into Syria if I can secure a visa in Turkey.  I still have 8 more weeks here in New Zealand, and already my future stops are popping up in my thoughts.  Exciting to say the least!

It's now days before xmas, and it certainly doesn't feel that way.  I think no snow = no xmas!