Capture the Colour


The folks at TravelSupermarket are putting together another fun little photo competition called "Capture the Colour."  The lowdown?  Five photos, five colours, five stories... judged by five travel photographers. 

So what better excuse to pick a few of my favorites to share with you?




Birds stir at sunrise as kids run to the market and the town of Kalaw begins to wake.  Myanmar / Burma

© Dustin Main 2013


It's early morning in rural Myanmar / Burma and the sunrise is bringing the town to life.  A couple walks to the market, while a pair of kids come barrelling down the path, disturbing a flock of birds sending them toward the light and the safety of the air.




The High Cost of Development - Sabah

© Dustin Main 2013


A beautiful, undisturbed beach, running as far as the eye can see... until this.  Taken near Kuala Penyu in Sabah (Malaysian Borneo), this (former) sea-side cliff and tree were all that was left in an otherwise levelled plot of land.

That beautiful beachfront resort you're staying at?  Well, where you're sleeping was probably once a jungle, or at least something wilder than your semi-hard mattress.  Sometimes the dirty little secret of travel is that for you to be where you are, something had to be lost first.




A woman leaves the market with her woven bag full of fresh fruit and vegetables. Kalaw, Burma / Myanmar

© Dustin Main 2013


It's 6:45am, and the streets are abuzz with activity.  They always are at this time of the day in Myanmar / Burma.  Even so, today is special in Kalaw, it's market day.

Fresh fruits and vegetables have made their way down from the neighbouring villages by the local tribes people, and now they are heading home in the ubiquitous Burmese woven bag.




A young monk lights a candle, creating a dream-like world for the Visakha Bucha Buddhist holiday.  Chiang Mai, Thailand.

© Dustin Main 2013


A young monk lights another candle, creating a dream-like world for the Visakha Bucha Buddhist holiday.  Chiang Mai, Thailand.




"Heading into the World"

Christchurch, New Zealand
(c) Dustin Main 2009


Like heading into world for the first time, blind knowledge that all of these colourful opportunities that will soon be flying at you from all angles.  That's what this statue in Christchurch reminded me of.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find this on my return trip to New Zealand earlier this year, and I'm not sure if it survived the earthquake. 


With only hours left to go before the contest closes, I won't bother nominating my fellow bloggers to join in the competition. this time.  Looking forward to seeing the images from everyone.


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© Dustin Main 2013