A Time For Reflection

Every year around this time, I spend some time reflecting on the year gone by.

What really happened in the past 12 months? What went really well, and what could have been better?  What did I accomplish, and what did I learn?  At first glance, it may seem simple, but I spend hours and hours going through it all to really develop the picture.

As countdown closes in on 2016, the prevalent theme for the year seems to be about "closing loops."  Those things that have been hanging over your head like a grey cloud, often sapping up your mental and emotional energy while you wait.  It can be a tough decision you can't seem to make, or something you're not quite ready to let go of.

Sometimes they can be let go easily, and others can be brutally painful.  Some tie up nicely in the end, while others loosen as you attempt to wrap them up and move on.

But sometimes the old has to go to make way for something new.

And maybe that's why I've always had an eye for reflections.


A Time For Reflection
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