Deadly Green-Fingered Friends


Mt Field National Park Forest Walks, Tasmania

 So the world is a dangerous place.

 - You can get hit by a car walking across the street on a sunny spring day.
 - You could eat tasty spinach tainted with salmonella.

 - You could be electrocuted by wizzing on an electric fence.

Yet... we manage to survive (usually) to live another day.

In Tasmania, nature fights back. A hike through the forest in Mt Field National Park brings new dangers, unseen in today's otherwise mundane world.  So dangerous that the only way to avoid it is to not enter this dangerous zone.

Admittedly the swamp gum (or for you plant nerds, "Eucalyptus regnans") can grow up to 100m tall (330ft), and if you can overcome your deepest fears of tree-based fatality, the Tall Trees Walk is quite a nice way to see one of the world's tallest tree species

Mt Field National Park Sign, Tasmania