Bungy into a new decade - Day 35 (Part 2 - Nevis Highwire Bungy)

The Nevis Highwire Bungy (134m, 440ft) is the self proclaimed "World's Wildest Bungy" and who am I to argue.  The jump pod itself is suspended in mid-air right in the middle of the canyon, and you get to it by a little cable car.  The canyon is rugged and remote, accessible only by the private road we took up.

In contrast to the rather basic rigging up of my feet on the Kawarau Bridge, I'm first fitted with a full body harness.  With that, it just got that much more real.  Our small group of 6 and a guide head over to the cable car, when I'm told that I'll have to wait behind because they jump the heaviest people first, and I'm the lightest of course.  The car holds 6 so I watch as they all head over on the car while I stay on the edge of the canyon.  Watching this little metal cable car carry these people to the jump pod suspended out in the middle of nowhere is doing little for my nerves, and the thought that I have to go on it by myself is even worse.  As my ride makes it back for me, I walk on, click in my carabiner for safety and avoid looking through the metal grating floor to the canyon floor far far below. As I make my way slowly over, I watch as I see bodies falling out of this floating room hovering above the canyon.  My brain tells me it's not right.

When I do reach the jump pod, I feel no better really.  The room itself has see through floors and shelves, and sways in the wind.  I'm coaxed to not only place my feet on the glass bottom floor, but even jump on it, after which I sit on the see-through shelf to get my feet sorted out. By this time nearly everyone has jumped and are ready to head back.  I see the last jumper before me coming back up and he has a huge smile on his face.

I'm seated in a chair to have the rest of my gear outfitted before heading out to the ledge.  I'm maybe a little less scared of the ledge at this point and after the countdown I jump.  The freefall is listed as 8.5 seconds, but all you really need to know is that it's enough time to soak it all in and take the experience in.  134 meters down, or 440ft.  It's amazing.

After a couple of bounces I pull a cord tucked in by my leg which releases my legs and flips me right-side-up for the ride back up.  I enjoy looking around and really taking it all for the fantastic event that it is.  It's not until I'm nearing the pod that I think about how high I am dangling above the canyon, nearly 450ft.  I'm praised on my dive which feels good, and get back into the pod.  You can see my grip on the railing inside of the pod as I enter back in on the video below, which is a little funny considering that I just jumped out of the thing.

Being the last jumper I head back on the cable car with the staff before heading to the Nevis Arc for my finale. 





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