Interview over at "Living the Dream"


A few months back I was approached by Jeremy Jones over at "Living the Dream" about a travelers spotlight series he was doing.  Jeremy was interviewing round-the-world travelers who have finished their trips, are currently on the road, and in my case, not quite begun.


I was keen to be a part of the project when asked and a short interview was done.  There will be a follow-up interview to take place 6-8 months down the line as well, so we'll see how things change!  I'm in some pretty amazing company as well, with David Lee (Go Backpacking), Brian Peters (No Debt World Travel), Jodi Ettenberg (Legal Nomads), Jayme and Chelsea (Globalizers). and Scott & Dee (Dream a Little Dream).

You can read the interview here (and my March 2011 mid-trip followup interview here) and follow Jeremy's travels as he embarks on his journey in August 2010 here.