Do It in Dress

"When a girl is educated, everything changes"

Since 2012, I've been wearing a school girl dress doing regular, everyday activities such as walking on glaciers and scaling 20m walls.

Do It in a Dress is an initiative by One Girl, an Australian-based organization working to provide scholarships to girls in Sierra Leone.

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Lightmoves Creative

"We see things differently..."

Lightmoves Creative is the outlet for creative professional photography services in the travel space.  Our talented group of photographers have worked around the world creating stunning visual work for companies and organizations looking for more out of their brand.

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Too Many Adapters

"Technology For Travelers"

Too Many Adapters is a leading source of technology news, information and resources for travelers. Our writers traverse the globe, smartphones in hand and luggage in tow, providing real-world accounts of the gear they use and the challenges they face.

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This Myanmar Life - Documentary photography

I've spent much of the past 5 years moving in and out of Myanmar / Burma to see what makes the country tick.

Having been separated from much of the world for decades thanks to a corrupt military regime and economic sanctions from much of the Western world, the country and its government have begun to open up more recently.

The simplified version of this change that is portrayed in much of the media is just a thin slice of what's going on inside of the country.  How the future of the people there will be shaped in years to come is what interests me, and is the focus of a long term project of mine.

The first of several gallery showings will be open in Canada in June 2016, with a book and public speaking engagements to follow.  Read more