A Time For Reflection

Every year around this time, I spend some time reflecting on the year gone by.

What really happened in the past 12 months? What went really well, and what could have been better? What did I accomplish, and what did I learn? At first glance, it may seem simple, but I spend hours and hours going through it all to really develop the picture.

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Looking Back at the First Un-Tour to Myanmar

Five years in the making.  One year of planning.  13 days of stories and adventures on one remarkable journey.

I call it Myanmar Magic... these opportunities that just happen to come your way if you don't try too hard and you're open to them.  For years, this has been the Myanmar that I've known while working on "This Myanmar Life."

It was for this reason that I decided to create the Un-Tour to Myanmar: to share this culture, these stories, and the people who I have met along the way.

Below is a small selection of what we experienced together, and a few snippets I published along the way.

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Announcing My "Un-Tour to Myanmar" for January 2017

After 5 years of photographing and working on the documentary project "This Myanmar Life" I'm so happy to invite you to the second ever "Un-Tour to Myanmar" in January 2017.

Join us as we explore the culture at a deeper level, exploring beautiful and ancient sites, and catching fantastic photography opportunities with professional photographer and Myanmar expert Dustin Main.

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Storytelling on Instagram

For years, I've tried to find the best ways to share my images and tell their stories.  These include fine art galleries, sophisticated websites, presentations and every other way you can think of.  Now, I've found an unlikely place in Instagram.

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Announcing My "Un-Tour to Myanmar" for Fall 2016

For years, I've been photographing all around the world.  But in all that time, there hasn't been a place that has grabbed me in the way that Myanmar (Burma) has.

After years of research and experience on the ground in Myanmar, it's finally time.  I've spent months planning and preparing with my team to create a trip you won't soon forget, and I'm very excited to invite you to join us.

This is an extraordinary time to visit Myanmar.  So if you've ever thought about a journey to Myanmar... I'm telling you that now is the time. 

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Join Me For "Behind The Stories of "This Myanmar Life" on June 16th

On Thursday June 16th at 7:00pm, I'll be presenting an artist talk entitled "Behind the Stories of 'This Myanmar Life'" at The Gallery @ Frances Morrison in Saskatoon, Canada.

"Hear and see the stories behind the stories of the exhibition, "This Myanmar Life," as photographer Dustin Main talks about secret police, lost passports, and disappearing friends during his five year documentary project."
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Presenting "This Myanmar Life"

Nearly five years ago, I took my first trip to Myanmar (Burma).  Before I stepped across that border that very first time, there would have been no way for me to know that I would be traveling back more than a dozen times through the beginning of 2016, and spending more than a year in the country documenting the changes in Myanmar through the stories of the citizens.

Today marks the opening of my debut photography exhibition which melds stories with images called "This Myanmar Life" in Saskatoon, Sk Canada.  It's a unique project that flows into the online world with additional stories to follow, as well as more information about the project.  

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