Bagan Super Travel Guide

Updated December 2017
Easily one of the most popular attractions in Myanmar / Burma and famous for epic Bagan sunrises and sunsets.  This can't miss site is a little like Cambodia's Angkor Wat in significance and spectacle, minus the crowds.

This guide contains many months of personal, on-the-ground research to help you enjoy your travels in Bagan that I've gathered on many trips between 2013 and 2017.

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Join me in Chiang Mai for a Photography Workshop on January 11th

Interested in leveling-up your photography?

I'm back in my adapted home of Chiang Mai (Thailand) and facilitating a workshop on industry leading Adobe Photoshop Lightroom .  During this one-day workshop, I'll be going through the process of establishing an efficient workflow to speed up your time working with your images, so you can spend more time capturing them out in the world.

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My Top Five Instagrams of 2014

I spent a bit of time sharing snapshots and other images from my catalog on Instagram in 2014.  More than 20 countries were featured out of hundreds of images I've shot from around the world.  So as 2014 winds down, I thought it would be a good idea to look back and see what the cream of the crop (at least decided by my followers!) was like.

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Hot Air Ballooning in Bagan: Balloons Over Bagan vs Oriental Ballooning

Updated October 2017

Seeing hot-air balloons flying over Bagan is one of the iconic images of Myanmar / Burma.  The massive scale of the over 3000 temples on the Bagan plain mean that you can only truly witness the scale of it all from the air, and a slowly floating over is the best way of doing it.

For years, there has been only one company providing the experience.  Balloons Over Bagan and their red balloons can be seen in any number of a photo, including a bunch in my house.  However, in 2013, Oriental Ballooning began flying their balloons as well, bringing some much needed competition to the space.  I've flown with both, and I'll give you my take on them.

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Abstract Backgrounds to Spice Up Your Devices

While I'm most known for my travel, landscape, and cultural photography, one of my real passions is creating more abstract images with my camera.  I'm looking to create moods, often by "smearing" or "melting" colors.  I've been attracted by the more abstract in art and imagery for quite some time, and most of the paintings and artwork I've collected around the world for myself fit the same sort of mold.

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What Advice Would You Give Your 33 Year Old Self?

I recently came back from a backcountry hike in British Columbia, and a curious thing happens when you get away from mobile phone coverage...

We tend to go deeper.

Deeper thoughts.  Deeper questions.  Deeper conversation.

There were five of us on the 4-day trip, and everyone else was a generation older than I was.  After dinner one evening, I posed a question:

If you could, what advice would you give your 33 year old self?

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Hiking in a Dress to Top of the World

For the third year in a row I picked a challenge, grabbed a school girl dress, and brought along a few others to join me in some Do It in a Dress fun.  For this year, five of us headed to Top of the World Park in beautiful British Columbia, all of whom are seasoned backcountry hikers.  This made my job pretty easy to be honest.  Even the dog "Rosco" carried his own backpack.

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The World Domination Summit and the Un-Photowalk

Earlier this month I attended my third World Domination Summit in sunny Portland, Oregon.  Yeah, I said sunny.  I've spent about a month there over the past three years, and I think it's only rained once or twice.

But really, you're probably thinking... what's this World Domination Summit thing?

Well I have a couple of ways to answer that for you:

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The Hikers Without Pants Are Back

It's been a BIG week.

Just this past weekend, I was on stage telling the story of the first "Hikers Without Pants" event to 3000 people at the World Domination Summit in Portland.  It was incredible, and the feedback from the crowd and everyone who approached me over the weekend was through the roof.   It was a serious honor to share a tiny piece of myself with so many incredible people.

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